Monday, January 09, 2006

Rodney Berman's hypocrisy

Cardiff County Council deny peaceful protest

Well sorry about the upside down image. The first is of my protest banners in the South Wales Echo area of the city. The 2nd is them outside the Welsh Assembly. It seems that South Wales Police had a complaint from god alone knows who (they wouldn't tell me) and I had to remove them from what called the roadside furniture in the city centre, infact after a couple days of displaying them two council goons came and started cutting them down, the goons didn't have any ID so I asked them to ring the police, which they did, the goons also later told Mr. Rodney berman the Lib. Dem Leader of the council that they were wearing yellow jackets which they were not.

Mr. Berman hasn't explained to me why he has accepted that lie, he has also been remiss in not answering the questionh as to whether council official are allowed to perform any duty in an official capacity without ID.

But low and behold it seems that Cardiff County Council allows me to put them on the roadside furniture outside the Welsh Assembly, OH I wonder why, just because it looks like democracy in action maybe Mr. Berman. Seems to me just a load of hypocrisy, I have asked why if its OK outside the Assembly its not OK in the centre of the city, I've asked the chief constable how come their officers don't force me to take them down off the roadside furniture outside the Assembly but then Barbara Wilding doesn't respond personally to letters sent her. Were her officers in breach of my right's, I wonder. Have Cardiff County Council the right to remove them seeing as they are temporary and securely fixed.

The main excuse that they used initially was that the banners were likely to cause a road traffic accident, you will see in the first image that this time I placed them on the inside of the railings, facing the pavement, and still there was a complaint and I was forced to remove them, Calling out as I did so, Human right violation in progress the right to peaceful protest denied on spurious and ficticious grounds, not that anyone in this city cares, not my MP not my AM not my local councellor.

Yet its OK outside the Assembly huh Mr. Berman. I bet if some gay rights activist were demoing in the same place in the city you'd be up in arms at the Police refusing them the right to place their banners on the roadside furniture wouldn't you Mr. Berman. May be its the content Dave maybe it's because you've questioned the rent revenue account, what a scam that is people but we will get around to that one soon enough. for today this will have to do.

I will leave you all with this prediction however '2006 the year Cardiff County Council was deemed an unfit Landlord'

Best wishes to us all and down with Fascist Councils yours Crazydave.

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